Burdened with University Debt, Australian Students on a Sign up Spree at Sugar Daddy Site

One of the most frustrating factors in a student’s life in Australia is the mountain of debt he or she incurs for university education. Students attempt to deal with the mounting debt in their own way. One method that is popular among students is adopting a sugar daddy or in some instances sugar mummy.

This is an agreement that two people arrive at after sharing their needs openly without beating about the bush. The agreement spells out the terms clearly leaving no doubts about what each party wants out of it.

Sugar Baby Student

Ranking high

Is this a relationship with money as a chief deciding factor? Yes, this is the reality for many Australian students now as revealed by Seeking Arrangement.com, a leading sugar daddy site. The site specializes in matching students with wealthy benefactors in a mutually advantageous relationship.

Students in dire need of financial help are registering with the site in the hope of finding a suitable sponsor for their tertiary education. What had brought the Australian students to limelight is the websites annual sugar baby school list that ranks schools that show the fastest growth. In 2017, the top rank had been taken by none other than University of Sydney.

The website has released its annual ranking of the Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools today, and the University of Sydney takes the top spot.

Record signups

According to information released by the website, nearly 300 signups had been done in 2017 from students belong to the Australian university. The report also mentioned that over 82,760 sugar babies were from Australia and all of them were students looking to pay off their student debt with the help of $3000 per month allowance on an average. With overseas vacations, lavish gifts and ability to cover university fees and rent, the idea is taking on a new appeal among students.

Honest expectations

Supporters of the sugar daddy culture say that this is not something to be worried about as the individuals concerned go into the relationship with honest expectations. The real fact is that the men involved are generous and can well afford the money they spend on the relationship and most importantly they are ready to provide the lifestyle that the women they are with expect from them.

Websites like Seeking Arrangement offer the right platform for such people to meet. Most of the people who sign up to the website’s services belong to the high income and upper middle income group and students who struggle with the cost of education and living on their own.

On the brighter side, students maintain that it is a good opportunity to meet and network with people they would not be able to meet otherwise. And the money makes the going easier for them.

A student seeking full time study will find it hard as without a side income they can very well end up with massive debts when they graduate and this can be as high as $45,000 for some. With university degree costs in Australia ranging from $43,000 to $227,000 it is no wonder financially deprived students are embracing the sugar daddy culture that shows them the easy way out. Queensland University of Technology, University of Newcastle, University of Queensland and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology rank among the top five behind Sydney University proving the fact without doubt.